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  1. from rentalman ... wrkoutq urF64 - to get ip address in rentalman

  2. kb-10482 - Zebra Barcode printers sticker width/height adjustment ... If the Barcode labels are not centered, follow the steps below Correcting width: 1. Press green button until you get 5 flashes and release. a. 5 flashes would be 1 flash, 2 more flashes, 3 more flashes, 4 more flashes and then 5 more flashes for a total of 15 flashes. 2. Labels will print out with numbers on them. When the label has number 1.89 press the green button 1 time to select. (See attached example "Sticker width.pdf") Correcting Height: 1. Press green button until you get 2 flashes and release. a. 2 flashes would be 1 flash and then 2 more flashes for a total of 3 flashes. 2. Labels will print out with what looks like a medical heart rate chart (or mountains depending on what kind of person you are). (See attached example "Sticker height.pdf") 3. It will stop when the printer resets the height.

  3. kb-10482 - Set Static IP Address on a Zebra GK420d Barcode Printer To Set Static IP Address: After Setting IP address to Factory Defaults using the method above, Print a Network Configuration Label. See Print a “Printer” and “Network” Configuration Label section Kbase 11049 You should now see network settings populated with the branches IP Scheme. Input the IP address from the Network Configuration label into a web browser. Click “View and Modify Printer Settings” In the “Enter Password” box, enter 12345 and click on the “Submit Changes” button. You may see the message indicating access has been granted “click here to proceed” DO SO. Click on “Network Configuration” Click on “TCP/IP Settings”. Enter the correct IP address for that branches Barcode Printer IP address must match in Rentalman. Update device or Rentalman as needed. Barcode Printers use the IP Address Range of .40-.49. Locations Barcode Printers should be set as follows: B1 = .41 B2 = .42 B3 = .43 etc. Ensure IP address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway is all correct for that Branch. Leave the “Wins Server IP” as is. Click on the drop-down arrow in the “IP PROTOCOL” window, select “PERMANENT”. Click on Submit Changes. You will then see “Changes were successfully saved (temporarily).” Click back on “View and Modify Printer Settings” Click on the “Save Current Configuration” Button. You will now see “Configuration Saved” Print a Network Configuration Label. You should now see the Static (Permanent) I.P. address you just configured. You should now be able to view the web interface with that I.P. address as well.