Add Printer to Print Server for WYSE Windows Sessions

Required information for this type of request:
  1. Confirm the unit is not already created on \\PS2, \\PS1, \\ PS3 (for Legacy NES Locations only), \\CTXUPS1 or \\CTXUPS2 (for Legacy NES Locations only)
  2. If the printer isn’t created on either server, collect the required information and record in the Description field.
  3. Verify that the printer is setup with the proper static IP range.
    a. e.g.URxxxP1 = 10.x.x.51, URxxxP2 = 10.x.x.52 etc.
  4. Verify that the device can be reached on the network.
  5. Assign the ticket to PC Level 2 stating that the printer needs to be added to the print server.
  6. The PC Level 2 team will create the printer and update the ticket and the user when the request has been completed.
  7. If assistance in adding the printer to the users Windows session is needed, please refer to the device and environment specific kbase document.

Legacy NES Location Printer Procedures Only

With the acquisition of NES there has been some changes to the Print Servers specific to legacy NES sites only. Please refer to the notes below Citrix Based Printing WYSE Base Session Printing Laptop Based Printing