veridan city

viridian city

route #22

pewter city

route # 3

mt. moon

route # 4

cerulean city

route #24 & #25

. go north of cerulean city
. rival has 4 pokemon blocks bridge so do six other trainers - defeat them all receive nugget freedom to travel to the end of this patch
. meet bill the pokemaniac
. oddish
. abra
. bellsprout
. venonat
. charmander
. fishing with super rod - catch psyduck, krabby, goldeen, seaking

nugget bridge

... . beat your rival
. then beat 6 other trainers to pass
. nugget sells for 5000 - hands you before fight - if lose with magikarp - redo another nugget
. TM45 thunder wave

route # 25

... . TM19 seismic toss
. either
. elixir
. fishing super rod - psyduck, crabby, kingler
. bill the pokemaniac - reward you with s.s. ticket
. dig for sandshrew - allows you to escape some buildings or dungeons
. cut through the burgled house's yard and head around cerulean city to the south to catch a ship

route # 5 & # 6

... . after bill go back to cerulean city and go to the ouse in the nw corner walk through the backyard to find a path leading to route 5
. road to saffron city is closed
. detour along the underground path
. stop by pokemon daycare before you head underground
. you need to jump down the ledges from cerulean city if you want to get to the day care center where you can drop off your pokemon to be leveled up while you walk they gain exp at the rate of 1 point for each step you take
. the head of the center makes all the decisions, so if your pokemon is full on skills he may delte a skill you like or abandon a new one so be cautious
. but if you bought that magikarp back at the mt moon pokemon center you can dump it here and return later for a gyrados at 100 per level
. cubone for a machoke
. daycare - magikarp for gyarados or abra for kadabra

route 6

... . southern gate blocked by a thirsty guard
. go south to vermillion city going thru route # 6
. 6 trainers on route 6 but you can avoid them all
. route #6 fishing super rod - shellder, krabby, goldeen
. meowth
. mankey
. abra

vermillion city

... . s.s. anne luxury liner
. bike voucher
. gym leader lt. surge
. talk to policewoman free squirtle - thunder badge
. trainers at route #11
. digletts at diglett's cave
. trade spearow for farfetch'd
. more spearow at route #11
. farfetch'd can learn "cut" which is needed after s.s. anne
. man give you "old rod" as gift
. pokemon fan club - listen to presiden't boring story get - bike voucher - redeem at bike shop in cerulean city get bike move faster
. come back with "surf" get a hidden "max ether"
. gym battle # 3 lt. surge - use HM01 cut obtained after the event on s.s. anne to hack down bush and reach vermilion city gym entrance
. if you can't beat him go to route #11 to diglett's cave - get diglett and dugtrio then fight lt. surge
. thunder badge
. TM24 electrick attack thunderbolt
. squirtle level 10 >>> get <<<

s.s. anne

... . captain will give you "cut (HM01) which will allow you to hack through the bush that blocks your path to vermilion city gym
. guard vermilion city harbor - flash your ss ticket to get on the cruise
. stairway c then stairway e all the way to the captain's cabin to get "cut" battle rival to get to captain
. kitchen trash for a great ball (TM08) body slam
. beat the sailors in the basement get (TM44)
. last room in the basement - pillow - hyper potion
. once you beat rival - captain for cut (HM01)
. once you get cut quest is over and ship is gone for ever so do other things first and save captain for last

route # 11

... . after you beat lt. surge a snorlax blocks route 11
. lookout station you meet one of professor oak's aides
. diglett's cave
. raticate
. optional are can use diglett's cave to cross back to route #2 to get (HM05) wich contains flash a move you need for rock tunnel to light up the cave so you can navigate in there
. drowzee
. yougster - escape rope
. guard house - sleeping snorlax blocking the path - go upstairs get itemfinder from one of professor's aides if you have 30 or more pokemon (different species) trade nidorino for nidorina or lickitung for a dugtrio

diglett's cave

... . diglett dugtrio trade for mr. mime
. with route #12 blcoked you must take the roundabout route to lavender town - diglett's cave connects route #11 with route #2 emergin near viridian forest
. head north to pewter city then east to cerulean city and route #9 anow that you can use cut be sure to visit the secret lab behind the pewter city museum
. with digletts between level 15 and 22 and dugtrio between 29 and 31, this is a great place to level up pokemon especially flying water grass types such as the level 10 squirtle you got from vermilion city

back to route #2

... . exit diglett's cave near exit of viridian forest
. now you have cut the rest of route #2 is available to you and can collect items you were not able to before
. building south of the cave exit a guy will trade you a mr. mime for an abra or clefairy
. furter south there's another building which you can get HM05 (flash) use to light caves
. hp up
. moon stone
. viridian city cut down the tree in lower left corner - walk inside the area and talk to the man he'll give you
. TM42 dream eater a psychic move
. cut down another tree in pewter city to get "old amber" from the museum curator

route #9

... . using cut chop your way to route #9 from cerulean city
. pokemon center near entrance to rock tunnel then go into the underground passage it comes out of route #10 a short route to next destination lavender town - the only way to get there
. voltorb
. magnemite
. machop
. find ether on ledge above first trainer
. left of trainer 2 (TM30) teleport
. top bush near tunnel for super potion
. fearow
. nidoran
. nidorino
. nidoran
. nidorina

route # 10

... . can see power plant but can't reach yet
. later you find hidden machine to let you use surf to travel along the stream that flows past both route #10 and power plant
. fishing super rod - poliwhirl, slowpoke, horsea, krabby, kingler

rock tunnel

... . only wat to get from route #10 to lavender town
. tunnel is pitch black must get flash (HM05) first to light the way
. machop
. onix
. escape use dig or escape rope
. use bulbasaur or squirtle to get through

lavender town

... . pokemon tower memorial service
. haunted ghosts
. max ether
. pokemart sells revive and great balls
. name rater change your pokemon's name
. mr. fuji - head of the volunteer pokemon center in lavender town
. pokemon tower - battle ghosts with drowzee
. silph scope - get from celadon city - cannot go pass 6 floor without it

route #7 & #8

... . celadon city lies to the west past saffron city - road is blocked but after fighting your way through an number of trainers you'll be able to use another underground path to bypass the guardhouse and reach the road beyond
. growlithe
. vulpix
. elixir
. nugget

celadon city

... . from route #7
. department store
. game corner
. fire pokeomon: growlith, vulpix
. fishing super rod - poliwhirl, slowpoke, goldeen
. eevee
. porygon
. volpix
. pp up
. sw - celadon gym - rainbow badge
. casino - team rocket - shadowy figure giovanni who has silph scope
. caladon mansion - game freak - reward if 151 pokemon caught - back up top floor get eevee
. get coin case from gambler in the diner next door
. celadon department store - buy poke doll for later - (TM07) horn drill 2nd floor - (TM37) egg bomb - (TM01) and (TM05) mega punch and mega kick (TM09) and (TM17) (TM18) counter
. roof - stock extra for guard later - vending machine get one of each beverage to give to the little girl wandering around give her the fresh water for (TM13) ice beam, soda pop for (TM48) rock slide , lemonade for (TM49) tri attack
. game corner - prizes: abra, clefair, nidorina, nidorino, vulpix, wigglytuff, dratini, scyther, pinsir, porygon
. redeem your coins next door (TM15) hyper beam, (TM23) dragon rage (TM50) substitute and dratini
. gym battle - erika use (TM13) ice beam
. victory earns you the rainbow badge which allows you to command pokemon that are as high as level 50 and (TM21) mega drain
. rocket hideout - take down the rocket in front of the poster once he leaves to alert the other rockets flip the switch to reveal a secret staircase leading to team rocket's underground hideout
. the lift key that operates the elevator is on the fourth floor down, from entrance, follow stairways A and B to the third sub-basement. make your way through the maze to stairway C battle rocket in the upper left corner to receive the key then go back upstairs to the first basement take the elevator down to the 4th basement and giovanni's office there are valuable items and team rocket members everywhere and it's wise to take the time to deal with all of them before you leave
. (TM10) nugget double-edge
. once you get elevator working fight rocket #5 on B1 to get out of the hideout and heal before you fight the bosses
. beat giovanni get the silph scope which is required to fight with the ghost at the top of pokemon tower
. check the machine giovanni was standing in fron tof to find a hidden super potion

pokemon tower

... . (HM02) fly
. back to route #7 hand the guard a frosty beverage to end the thirsty guard crisis
. cut thrugh saffron city on your way east to lavender town
. on the way through saffron city, you might just want to stop in the pokemart and grab a super or max repel - the repel is for the tower where you'll be assaulted by gastly and haunter
. fighting ghosts - use diglett with dig, dadabra, and drowzee work too
. gastly
. haunter
. cubone
. 5th floor is healing zone heal and save
. top fight team rocket
. rescue mr. fuji - get poke flute
. use flute to wake up snorlax that was blocking route #11 outside of vermillion city and route #12 south of lavender town, or route 16 near celadon city

saffron city

... . fighting dojo - get hitmonlee and hitmonchan
. mr psychic house - get (TM29) psychic
. mimic girl - poke doll give (TM31) mimic also hidden nugget near her computer
. save silph co president from silph company building - to heal look for a woman at the bottom-left corner of the 9th floor - goto top floor to free president of silph co
. battle sabrina - take teleporter A then walk to the top left square at C then to the bottm left square at I then walk straight down to the square at M
. defeat sabrina will get you the marsh badge as well as (TM46)
. silph co fast way - run stright up stairs to the 9th floor and take the teleporter G to the 5th floor - grab card key which will open every door in building then come to 3rd floor use warp tile O to reach 7th floor - battle - then step on war tile P to reach the hallway outside the president's office
. rival - level 3 unlock the door in front of the telporter marked O take that to the 7th floor rival awaits
. teleporter right past rival P takes you directly to the 11th floor but you may want to heal up on the 9th floor before you face giovanni
. 9th floor visit the woman in the lower left to fully recomver the pokemon's hp and pp also check the foot of the bed to the left of the nurse to find a hidden max potion
. once you free president he will give you master ball that can catch any pokemon save it for mewtwo

fuchsia city

... . (HM03) surf (HM04) strength
. can take routes # 12 through #15 which is south of lavender
. routes # 16 through #18 west of celadon city
. route #12 to get the super rod

routes #16 # 17 # 18

... . cycling road
. safari zone
. use cut to cut northern part of #16 to catch duduo and secret house with (HM02)
. ponyta
. hold A + B buttons to steady yourself downhill
. when you get to #18 don't miss the trader in the top floor of the guard post
. lickitung
. route #18 fishing super rod - shellder, magikarp, krabby, goldeen, tentacool

fucshia city

. safari zone
. koga's gym
. speak to fishing guru's older brother to get the good rod
. safari zone warden - (HM04) rare candy
. gym battle koga - win soul badge and (TM06)
. safari zone attendants to receive 30 balls

route #12 & #13

... . wake up snorlax with poke flute
. get hyper potion and super rod in second building on the route


weak to - fighting


weak to - fairy, flying, psychic


weak to - electric, ice, rock


weak to - ground, psychic


weak to - grass, ice, water


weak to - fighting, grass, ground, steel, water


weak to - fire, flying, rock


weak to - ghost, dark


weak to - fighting, fire, ground


weak to - ground, rock, water


weak to - electric, grass


weak to - bug, fire, flying, ice, poison


weak to - ground


weak to - bug, dark, ghost


weak to - fighting, fire, rock, steel


weak to - bug, fighting, fairy


weak to - dragon, ice, fairy


weak to - poison, steel